Throughout the 8 Km. Of coastline, Altea offers a wonderful diversity of beaches, coves and cliffs. The impressive Morro of Toix, close by the North Bay area. Slipping south, the Mascarat beach and the coves of Barreta and La Solsida semi-wild and fine pebbles, invite you to dive into its waters. They follow the pot, off the island, large and quiet of Cap Negret Algar River mouth and the central de la Roda, Blue Flag and services parking, shops, bars, restaurants, etc. Finally, after the fishing port and Nautical Club, the wide beach of Cap Blanch opened, also with easy parking and restaurants area bordering Albir beach ends the municipality of Altea.

The harbor and marina of Altea are also noteworthy. It is very pretty and scenic and a great place to eat or drink. The beach of Altea is over 5 km long and is divided into the stoney Cap Negret beach to the north of Altea, followed by the La Roda beach next to the old town and the largest beach the Cap Blanc to the south which blends into the coast of Albir.

  • Playa Cap Blanch
    located to the south of the town of Altea and the yacht club, stretches as far as the Playa de L’Albir beach. It is a semi-urban beach with large areas of golden sand alternated with areas of pebbles and gravel. A beach that in 2006, 2007 and 2008 obtained the BLUE FLAG distinction. The beach offers information on the state of the sea, as well as a Red Cross post,restaurant, parking, public telephones, windsurf (you can rent boards during the summer months), bus, taxi, rescue service and foot showers.
  • Playa La Roda
    is adjacent to the old town of Altea. It is 1,400 metres long and 20 metres wide and is a continuation of the Cap Negret beach, stretching as far as the fishing port. It is one of Altea’s most lively beaches, delimited by a well-kept sea promenade with shops, ice cream stalls, restaurants, and nautical and diving centres that offer all-year-round services. It combines sand, pebbles and rock and can be accessed either on foot or by car. The beach is equipped with a rescue service, accessibility for disabled persons, good indications, bus, parking, toilets, showers, cleaning service, gangplanks, sailing, rental of sun umbrellas and deckchairs and, of course, it waves the blue flag.
  • Jimmy-Mascarat
    The Mascarat point and the northern dike of the marina form a protected inlet that is excellent for bathing. It is a pebble beach with clear water and an excellent seabed nearby for diving enthusiasts. The beach is equipped with a rescue service, parking, restaurants and a Red Cross point.
  • Playa Cap Negret
    is located to north of the town of Altea. It is 2 kilometres long and an average of 50 metres wide, with the Sierra de Bernia in the background. It ends in a small cove of black stones called Cala del Soyo. The beach offers information on the state of the sea, a Red Cross post, gangplanks, toilets, hotels, restaurant, parking, public telephones, sailing, windsurf, bus, taxi, train, surveillance, rescue service, foot showers and beach sports.
  • Playa L'Olla
    is located between the small harbour of Marymontaña and the Portet de la Olla, stretching more than one kilometre of sand, pebbles and rock, the most predominant composition in La Costa Blanca. It is a clear water beach. From the Playa de la Olla beach we can see the island L’Illeta i L’Illot, which one can get to by swimming across or by private boat. The beach offers information on the state of the sea, a Red Cross post, rescue service, toilets, restaurant, parking, sailing and windsurf, bus, train, foot showers, beach sports and accessibility for disabled persons.
  • Playa Galera-Solsida
    is next to the Luis Campomanes port. The cliffs of the Altea coast form a series of beautiful coves that are difficult to access. The Solsida is a secluded natural cove very popular with nudists. To access it, you must walk quite a distance along a rocky path. The cove is equipped with a surveillance service.
  • Barra Grande Beach
    Bar La Cala, the boundary between Calpe and Altea, inaccessible, rustic stony cove.
  • The Cala del Soyo
    cove is a small black-pebble cove measuring approximately 23 metres in length, with beautiful panoramic views extending from the Peñón de Ifach to the Punta Bombarda. It offers a Red Cross post, restaurant, parking, sailing, rescue service and foot showers.
  • The Barreta de Gualda
    is a gravel cove located on the most southerly point of the marina. It has a coarse feel to it and is mainly frequented by the inhabitants of the fishing town. The Barreta de Gualda beach is 100 metres long and 10 metres wide and has a surveillance service.